Feb 17, 2009

What is the status of women under Hinduism ?

Hinduism that views God as both masculine and feminine (and neuter too), suggests the role of women hand in hand with her male counterpart. Feminity is worshipped in the forms of rivers, land, etc. Females have the right to perform worship as their male counterparts. There are many vedic sages, philosophers of later day, poets queens and so on from the womenfolk (1). If the male has the authority over the operations, the female commands the respect of the family. They do not compete but complement to form a better society. Quite naturally the wife is called saha dharmini or the companion in the dharma. In the course of time and especially in the last millenium there has been an major deterioration of this status due to whatever circumstances. It is time to shun away all those dirt accumulated on the way and rediscover the glory of the ancient equality.